Terms and conditions

When booking you will receive a confirmation e-mail, check it properly. After receiving this mail, you must deposit an advance of 40% of the rent within 14 days, otherwise your reservation will be canceled! The final balance must be transferred to our current account no later than four weeks before arrival. Clearly state the reservation number (notification) that is mentioned on your confirmation.

We do not charge reservation costs or file costs. We like to hear any changes to the reservation as soon as possible.

If the down payment is not received on time, we may decide to cancel the reservation. A reservation is only definitive after receipt of the down payment. The remainder of the travel sum must be paid no later than 4 weeks before arrival. When booking an accommodation within 8 weeks before arrival the entire travel sum must be paid within 2 weeks after receipt of the confirmation.

Cancellation Up to 16 weeks before arrival 25% of the total costs. From 16 weeks before arrival 40% (the advance payment) of the total costs. From 4 weeks before arrival 100%. In case of an advance payment an additional 25 euro administration costs will be charged. If you wish, you can take out cancellation insurance for this. This is possible with most banks and insurance companies.

The accommodations may not be smoked. If it appears that there is smoking in the accommodation, we charge extra cleaning costs. Pets are allowed in some chalets. At the final check no trace of the pet should be left behind. A € 100 deposit will be requested upon arrival (to be paid in cash). On departure € 50 cleaning (mandatory) will be deducted from the deposit. You will receive the remainder of the € 50 deposit if after the final inspection it appears that the accommodation and the inventory are in good condition. In other cases an amount will be deducted based on the cost price of the deposit.

Arrival for the chalets on day of arrival after 4 pm, departure on day of departure before 10 am. Please report to the Reception / Bar on arrival.

Arrival for the camping pitches on the day of arrival after 2 pm, departure on departure day before 12 am. Please report to the Reception / Bar on arrival.

Car required on parking, everyone is responsible for their own vehicle. (LBDR is not liable for damage to your vehicle).

Eating, drinking and smoking prohibited at the pool.

Forbidden private drinks and food to be enjoyed on the terrace of the bar.